Web Links


The Society for Primitive Technology http://www.primitive.org
Paleotechnics http://www.paleotechnics.com
First Earth Wilderness School www.firstearth.org
Rabbitstick Rendezvous/Wintercount
The home page of the biggest primitive skills gatherings in the country, hosted by David and Paula Wescott.
Primitive Technology Home Page
Here you can find information about how to join Primitive Technology related email subscription groups.
Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School http://www.hollowtop.com/
Roadkill’s Page of Primitive Skills Gatherings (Lots of pics from gatherings around the country) http://www.neoanderthal.com/
Wilderness Schools Resource List http://www.geosmith.com/wilderness/
Missouri Trading Company http://www.missouritrading.com/
Lost World Archery and Flintworks http://www.angelfire.com/mo2/arrowheadgallery/

Echoes in Time – Excellent July skills gathering in Oregon hosted by our Wintercount buddies Dale (Blonde Bear) Coleman, Leland Gilsen and others.